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Apuseni Marathon for all trail lovers

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Wandering through the past

Apuseni Marathon for all trail lovers

After working several years in travel agencies, I had the chance to travel abroad, see many countries, meet new cultures but unfortunately, the time left to spend and enjoy local mountains was very little.

After I started running and hear about the trail races in Romania, I knew this would be the perfect way for me to discover the main landscapes in our country while enjoying running with people that have the same passion as I do and discover new limits every time.

Just a short trip from the city of Cluj- Napoca you will find spectacular views, small traditional villages and peaceful green areas, all of them in Apuseni Mountains.  Just 80 km away from Cluj- Napoca you can find Mountain Baisorii resort, a ski resort in winter and a great place for hiking during summer.

For 5 years now, at the end of May, you can be part of a great trail running event that gets together more and more runners every year. 

Last year I wanted to run the half marathon but just before the race I wasn't able to make it, so since then I knew that for this year I will do the marathon. Said and done :) When the subscriptions opened, I registered for the 43.7 k. How did I know that I will make it? Well, first I imagined I would train because I had some month left, but I had to travel and wasn't able to do so.  

My longest distance by then was a 26k in Faget Forest near Cluj- Napoca, that I was supposed  to run 43.7 k with +2500 altitude gained :). That was really scary but still I felt that I wanted to do it. Why? Because I run with joy, that is my main purpose. I enjoy the places I pass by, I just look around, be grateful for being there and just get the energy from an inner happiness of running in those places. Judging by the photos, It would be very hard not to enjoy, isn't it?

      It is not an easy race, but with each challenge I discover new things about myself, I try to find the joy in every little step knowing that this will get me to the finish. 




Why did I race and will race again in Apuseni?

  • Breathtaking places;
  • Great atmosphere, awesome volunteers, funny messages along the way;
  • Meet new people and enjoy the race together;
  • Very well marked, the feeling of being safe, great organized event;
  • The happy feeling before, during and after the race;
  • The uphill parts of the course that make me surpass my limits each time;
  • This race is the proof for "Everything is possible as long as you believe it" :)
  • The smile in the corner of the mouth that "I did it again".

Why I think you would like to race at Apuseni Marathon? 

  • Easy acces from Cluj- Napoca;
  • Great and unique landscapes;


  • Friendly people and cheerful volunteers;
  • Great organized event, very well marked course;
  • Great memories after every participation.


 If you are in Cluj- Napoca in May it would be a great opportunity to meet Romanian culture while running. And if you are not sure for when to plan your visit, make it in May and register for the Apuseni Marathon and we are sure that you will thanks us later. 

  If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to ask us and we will gladly tell you all about it.

See you in May :),





About GoRunning Tours Cluj- Napoca

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Servus! My name is Iulia Holhos and I am very happy to be your running guide while you are in Cluj- Napoca. 

 I started running in the summer of 2013 and very soon it became more than a passion. It is for me a way of living that gives me boundless joy and energy. I started with less than 1 kilometer, and so far I have some half marathons medals, and this year 2015,  I am very proud to have finish  5 marathons. 

 After working several years in travel agencies here in Cluj- Napoca, I am extremely glad to run my own Go! Running Tours business, that gives me the opportunity to combine the two things I love the most: tourism and running. 

 What exactly is what we from Go! Running Tours do for you? Each of us in our home cities will show you our city from our perspective and not in the traditional way by walking but while running. If you are passionate about running and want to find out more about the city of Cluj- Napoca from a local, this is the right place for you. Depending on your schedule and the time you want to spend with us, we will take on a running tour on the streets of Cluj- Napoca and tell you facts that we find useful and interesting for you as a tourist. You'll find which are the best places for you to eat, where to have your coffee at the first hour in the morning, what interesting events you can find in the city and, of course, you can ask us about your personal interests regarding your time spent in our lovely city.

I am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world that share the same passion for running and would like to experience my wonderful city on a running tour.

Hope to see you all soon,



West City Hotel - a classy 4* acommodation in Cluj-Napoca

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West City  4* Hotel is located just outside the city of Cluj- Napoca  and is the closest hotel to our meeting point for Trails of Cluj- Faget Tour and to the first commercial area in the city - Polus Center.

This is the first design hotel in Romania that gladly welcomes you either you are passing by or you intend to come to Cluj as destination.  West City Hotel Cluj is the perfect choice when looking for a classy accommodation. Built and furnished in a nonconventional way, starting from the structure of the building to the last detail, West City Hotel Cluj is the first 5 story building exclusively built on metal structure in Transylvania.  The hotel has for your disposal 101 rooms and apartments, exquisitely furnished and decorated, 3 conference rooms, a bar,  and a stylish restaurant.

And because their goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible they will prepare for you each morning a great breakfast so that you have a great start of the day.

We recommend West City Hotel for a perfect 4* experience here in Cluj- Napoca.

For more information please feel free to ask us or visit: http://www.westcityhotel.ro/en/


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