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Private City Running Tours

Your running guide will take you on a private tour along the city, park or the forests around Cluj. The personal touch of this tour gives you the opportunity to ask all you ever wanted to know about the city and its everyday life. The tour is 100% customized to your running abilities in terms of distance and pace as well as any interests you may have.

Within a short time you will learn to know your way around in the city. This is a healthy and fun way to discover Cluj-Napoca with a local who shares the same passion for running and sports as you do. We will pick you up at your hotel and we will supply water during the run. Digital photos and a tour route tracking will be sent to you electronically afterwards.

Business Traveler Service

If you are in Cluj-Napoca for work and you have only limited time. Don’t worry! Just bring your running shoes and we will pick you up at the hotel for an early morning or after work run.

We will show you around in Cluj Napoca, at a time that suits your schedule and on a tour that suits your running abilities. At the same time you can stay in shape and you do not have to figure out where the best and most interesting running tracks are.

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